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H V Construction Ltd offers quality masonry and concrete services in Kingston and surrounding areas. Since 1996, H V Construction Ltd has been dedicated to bringing our residential clients in Kingston with great results on their sidewalk, driveway, and masonry projects. Masonry is the process of using mortar and stones to create a solid structure and beautiful hardscaping features. It offers strength to your building that makes it last for years to come. Also, masonry walls are more resistant to debris and heat.

As we expand more and more into commercial work, we are committed to keeping that same level of quality no matter how small the project. Our locally owned business would rather stay small and do quality work than spread ourselves thin on lots of other projects and provide our clients with disappointing results. We also undertake renovation jobs for residential and commercial projects. Our services include:

Paving stones
Concrete sidewalks
Concrete curbs
Retaining walls
Repointing and smaller repairs
Interlocking stone
Finished floors
Landscaping for driveways
Snow removal for commercial and residential properties (charged per visit or one-time visit fee)

We use CBM concrete for all our concrete services. To learn more about our services in Kingston, call us today!

Tell Us About Your Project

Whether it is building a retaining wall or a driveway, we can do them all.

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